Bye Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone has a New Boyfriend

The singleness of the Oscar winner for best actress for The Land seems to have come to an end. According to US media reports, she has been living a romance for three months with Dave McCary (32), writer and director of the hit show Saturday Night Live, and co-founder of the humorous group Good Neighbor.


Apparently, both met in the American television humor space when Emma Stone (28) became a presenter for a format day in December. From that moment, both began a relationship of friendship that seems to have derived in an incipient romance.

It was an intense year for Emma Stone as she ended up winning the Oscar she wanted so badly, but in exchange for almost exclusively dedicating herself to prove that she was the actress who deserved it. Due to the hectic work of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, they broke up in 2015. The reason was that they were so busy with work that they could spend time with each other.

So focused was Stone those months to become the star of the year that, in return, she had to stand by her personal life so that nothing and no one stood in her way to glory.

One of the saddest breaks in the Hollywood industry was that of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, who fell in love while filming the movie ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and apparently ended up due to their distance from work.

In 2015 they ended their relationship, but to date there were still rumors of a possible reconciliation that were strengthened by their short- lived encounters in Los Angeles and Europe. Also, for the good thoughts that were dedicated, whenever they were interviewed.

Almost two months ago it was said that they had already returned, however, things finally cooled down. Page Six confirms as well as other media that Emma is dating a guy linked to the show business.

According to the source quoted, the Oscar winner could be dating Dave McCary, producer of the program ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Rumors have grown since the actress joined SNL alongside Ryan Gosling (co-star of La La Land) for the first episode of season 43. The peculiar closeness between Emma and Dave prompted the paparazzi to start following them to prove whether they are just friends of they are having an affair.

After almost 2 years of being single, it seems that this single status might have ended and many news outlets have confirmed that she has found love again.

According to several American media, Emma is already dating the 32-year-old comedian Dave McCary, director since 2014 of several segments of the program Saturday Night Live and co-founder of the humorous group Good Neighbor. He is one of the important names in the TV industry like Steven Spielberg or Louis CK.

Precisely it would be on that show, the Saturday Night Live, where the couple have known each other, since Emma was the presenter invited in a program last December.

Here’s a photo of Dave McCary:


For the moment, both Emma and Dave are silent about their alleged relationship. And is that both try to keep their new romance hidden from the media and public.

McCary would be the first serious romance of the actress since 2015, the year in which she broke up with her last known boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, with whom it was related again this summer.

At the moment neither Emma nor Dave have confirmed their engagement. Although now that the press speaks of them, soon they will say if it is true or not and whether they are a couple or not. In any case, it would be the first serious romance of the actress since 2015, the year in which broke with what has been her last known boyfriend, Andrew Garfield. We’ll keep you alert of any new news about their relationship.

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