Kim Kardashian Criticized for her Halloween Costume

Kim Kardashian has been the one in charge this Halloween to receive the criticism of hundreds of users on social networks. First it was Cher, and Cher thanked the tribute. Then it was Madonna, and many fans of the Queen of Pop applauded her choice. And finally it was Aaliyah, and what followed was a controversy that Kardashian is well known for: racism.

Kim Kardashian Halloween makeup

Kim Kardashian selected three great divas of music for their Halloween costumes this year. Everything seemed to go well until his third appearance in which she decided to incarnate in the missing Aaliya , something that has not sat well with the followers of the singer.

Wanting or not, Kim Kardashian has returned to create controversy, this time with one of his Halloween costumes. The wife of Kanye West decided to “honor” three divas of music; Cher, Madonna and Aaliyah.

While Cher herself thanked her for the gesture and fans of Madonna also looked kindly on Kardashian’s disguise, the same has not happened with Aaliyah, accusing her of being a racist.

And here comes the debate: Is it racist that a white person disguises herself as a black person? There are two streams, while some say yes, as we have read in several messages addressed to Kim on the networks:

“Legend or not, Aaliya is a black woman and you are not, it is offensive and you should not stretch this limit, but agree … “

The idea of using make up pretending to have black skin has offended many people. This Kim Kardashian knows it very well because they already accused her of the same when in the campaign of her makeup line she appeared with much darker skin. Perhaps for this reason, Kim avoided obscuring her skin this time, just by putting on makeup in the same way that Aaliyah appeared in her video Try Again.

Beyond the issue of racism, the choice to disguise was also criticized as Aaliyah is one of the most important icons in the history of R&B, and with greater sensitivity to having died tragically in a plane crash at the age of 22 years.

Actually what they accuse Kardashian for disguising herself as the African-American singer Aaliyah in her video for “Try Again” is racism and/or cultural appropriation, depending on who you ask. And in this battle the debate is always the same: is it racist that a white person incarnates a famous black man? On the internet there are two schools of thought. The first says yes, always. That is the one that has lashed Kardashian between Sunday and Monday with comments like: “Legend or not, Aaliya is a black woman and you are not, it is offensive and you should not stretch this limit, but ok …”.

And the second says that it is racist, unless the person does not put on makeup to look black, and Kardashian has not. That would be to get into blackface territory , which is considered in the United States as a very racist phenomenon. The argument is clear: whites can put on black, but the opposite is not possible. In addition, the blackface is something that Kardashian already dealt with months ago in the wake of the promotional campaign for her line of makeup in which she appeared in photos with too tanned skin tone.

Of course, the case of Kardashian as Aaliyah also raises blisters for another reason. Many do not want Kardashian even close to those who are considered icons of American history, whatever the scope. In this case, the African-American singer is considered one of the most important figures of the R&B and a very influential artist for the genre in the years after her death in a plane crash . And if Kardashian is rewarded for posing like Jackie Kennedy, the tribute to an icon of Afro-American music that died tragically has all the possible inducements for controversy.

So Kardashian had everything ready: she had disguised herself as several key figures in the music to justify her third costume and had avoided makeup so that they would not accuse her of blackface. But we are talking about Kim Kardashian, what is she going to go out on Halloween if it is not to creating controversies.

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