Terms of Use

The following general terms and conditions regulate the use of the Internet Portal (hereinafter referred to as the Portal) that Thehfmagazine makes available to its users by accessing the Internet address www.thehfmagazine.com subject to these conditions. The user accepts and acknowledges that the use of the Portal entails and is considered as acceptance of the general conditions stipulated here, obliging the user to read them every time he intends to use the Portal, being understood that both the Portal and the conditions that are here may be modified from time to time by Thehfmagazine, for which it will be sufficient that they be published on its website so that they are known to the users.

General Conditions and Acceptance
The general conditions of use of the Portal that are detailed below are intended to regulate and inform users the parameters of the use of Thehfmagazine’s services, regulate the use of the information contained in the www website. thehfmagazine.com.pa, and in particular the programming of the television channels and radio stations of which Thehfmagazine is the owner.

By browsing and using the services of the website www.thehfmagazine.com.pa the user accepts all the general conditions of use of the Portal and undertakes to make use of it and the services offered through it, according to to what is established in the Law that governs the specific subject and in the present general conditions, as well as according to the morality and good customs, reason why the user will be responsible to Thehfmagazine and / or against third parties for any damages, damages, claims, claims arising from breach of the general conditions. The user undertakes not to perform any act in connection with the use of the Thehfmagazine portal.

Intellectual and Industrial Property
The user acknowledges that all contents of the Portal including but not limited to texts, photographs, images, software, logos, videos, graphics, are copyrighted by Thehfmagazine and are protected by copyright and related rights legislation and that rights intellectual and industrial property belong to Thehfmagazine, and therefore may not be reproduced, copied, pasted, linked, transmitted, distributed or manipulated in any form and for any purpose, without the prior written consent of Thehfmagazine, and maintaining at all times intact the identification of the intellectual property of the materials or contents.Any use or modification of the Material or Content for any purpose other than that authorized in the General Conditions will be considered a violation of the international laws that protect the copyright.

Thehfmagazine shall not be liable for any infringement of copyright, related rights and industrial property rights arising from the inclusion on the website www.thehfmagazine.com.pa of distinctive signs including but not limited to limited to trademarks, trade names, designs, texts, photographs, graphics, logos, software, of which a third party has been declared its legitimate owner.

The navigation and access of the user to Thehfmagazine’s website will not mean, nor imply under any concept, the authorization, transmission, assignment, renunciation, granting of rights of the contents of the web page www.thehfmagazine.com.pa without the prior written permission of Thehfmagazine. The user agrees to use the contents of Thehfmagazine’s website exclusively for his needs, and therefore accepts that he will not perform acts that result in the commercial exploitation of the services and / or content to which he has access through the website, nor will it take actions to attract users of the service of the Thehfmagazine website to attract them to other competing services.

Contents of the website
The user acknowledges and accepts the use of the website and the services associated with it.

Thehfmagazine reserves the right to remove from its website contents that violate the youth, children, public order, morality, dignity of the people, or all those who, at their discretion, are not suitable for dissemination on the website .

Thehfmagazine does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, reliability, correctness or morality of data, programs, information or opinions, regardless of their origin, that for some reason circulate through your network or through the networks that the user can access through of the website www.thehfmagazine.com The user undertakes to make use of the contents of the website in a diligent, correct and lawful manner, committing himself to refrain from using the contents for purposes other than those established in the Law or public order.

Responsibility of Thehfmagazine and The User The user acknowledges and accepts that the use of the website is under his sole responsibility, therefore he will assume the consequences, damages and / or damages that may arise from the use of said page.

The user expressly agrees to release Thehfmagazine from any liability arising from any action or omission related to the website.

Thehfmagazine undertakes to comply with the mechanisms of protection and confidentiality of the personal data entrusted to it by the users of the website, except for such information as is required by the competent authority.

Applicable legislation
Thehfmagazine and the user agree that in all matters related to these General Conditions of Use of Portal, will be governed by the laws that apply to these regulations in the Republic of Panama and by those rules of international law.

The user undertakes to make use of the Portal and the services to which it can access through it, according to what is indicated in the Law, the present general conditions, morality, good customs and public order, being responsible against Thehfmagazine and / or against third parties, for any damages that may be caused by breach of obligations or violation of the Law.